From the first concept meetings through production, Lyft trusted Igor Institute to engineer the new face of their brand.

Lyft Amp Project


When Lyft wanted to evolve their iconic brand, they partnered with Igor Institute and Ammunition to develop hardware to power the next stage in their ridesharing experience. Starting with the earliest concept reviews, our engineers worked with the design team to present beautiful, technically-vetted product concepts. After a few months of intensive brainstorming, feasibility studies, and proof-of-concept design prototyping, the concept for the Amp was born: an in-car device that connects passengers and drivers with a multi-color exterior display and a deadfronted internal LED array that plays out messages personalized to drivers and passengers.

Throughout 2015, we drove the engineering of the Amp hardware, from the first display demonstrations through manufacturing ramp-up and support of Lyft’s first mass-production builds. No small feat, considering the complexity of the device’s optics (with two displays), firmware that runs animations and allows drivers to interact with the Amp via Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) through their phones, and power-optimizing the electronics to run for 8+ hours on a single charge—allowing Lyft to provide an Amp to every driver, at no charge.

"An iconic taxi light for the ride-sharing generation"
Services provided: 

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and firmware development, program management, and manufacturing support.