Igor is a technical product development partner.

We provide hardware product design services and guidance,
from the earliest stages of concept development through manufacturing.

Igor Institute's core philosophy is that partners are more effective than vendors; our goal is to partner with our clients, not just check off a list of deliverables.

Product engineering doesn't need to happen in a black box. We believe that clarity and transparency from development teams leads to better working relationships and better products. We pride ourselves on communicating the sometimes complex world of product engineering to our clients in a manner that's informative and understandable. It gives our clients the information they need to make good business decisions, and us the feedback that lets us solve the right engineering problems.

Aren Kaser

Aren is the CEO and co-founder of Igor Institute, a product development and hardware engineering firm located in Seattle, WA. As a strategic marketing and communications business professional, Aren has led teams of talented people committed to enhancing companies' unique brands and helping redefine the conversation around product development, hardware engineering, device design, healthcare, and higher education. Aren has his BA and MA from Seattle University, and serves an Adjunct Professor at both Seattle University and the University of Washington.

Steve Lowe

Steve has worked in a variety of challenging areas of hardware technology, starting with RADAR detection systems at Lockheed Martin and then as an electrical engineer and systems architect at Synapse Product Development. Steve has worked on numerous products with precision analog, low power digital, wireless communication, and signal-processing intensive systems (most notably architecting and designing the electrical systems of the Nike Fuelband). Steve holds his B.S. and M.Eng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

Sean McBeath

Sean McBeath is a mechanical engineer, beginning his career in product development with Synapse and as a design engineer at Chef’n. In addition to his experience as an ME, Sean brings a design-centric philosophy to development, with a background in print, web, and human factors design. Sean has his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University in Houston.

Andy Breuninger

Firmware Engineer

Tim Milberger

Mechanical Engineer

Somma Rath

Office Manager

Alex Rice

Software Engineer

Ryen Shimizu

Director of Business Development

Derek Simkowiak

Firmware Engineer

Oscar Singer

Firmware Engineer

Jim Brennan

Firmware Engineer

Jessica Urban

Project Manager

Wes Wirth

Electrical Engineer

Igor Education Efforts

Igor's commitment to education is as deep as our commitment to our clients' success. Whether we’re debating the future of product development at the world's leading tech conferences or lending our skills and experience to aspiring engineers and designers, we're always eager for Igor to make positive contributions to the world.

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We're always interested in connecting with talented people who have a knack for tackling complex challenges. Send us your information and let us know why you're a good fit for Igor: igor+jobs@igorinstitute.com