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Let's Build Together.

From a napkin sketch to a working machine, from consumer brands to early stage entrepreneurs, we live to bring ideas to life. Experts in multi-stage engineering, product leadership, design development and manufacturing support, we at Igor are excited to help build your business and brand.

WE DO IT ALL: Mechanical engineering • Electrical engineering • Firmware ENGINEERING • Project management • Product leadership • Manufacturing support • Strategic involvement • In-depth collaboration • Technical guidance • Investment tools support • Ideation sessions • Small intro projects

Ideas Are Journeys.

Igor has spent tens of thousands of hours burning candles, refining processes, and crossing finish lines. From waypoint to waypoint, we’ve walked alongside our partners through every stage of their journey. Whether you need us for a few days or a few years, what matters to us are the people, the path, and the belief that we can make anything happen.

The Lyft Amp

Iconic Interactive Wayfinding

It all comes down to delivery.

Igor is unmatched in their expertise and ability to solve tough problems. They provide a rare combination of engineering prowess, innovation, and systems level thinking. They've consistently created value well beyond our expectations and never failed to deliver.

The Igor team took us further, faster, than we ever could have gone on our own.

Ready to start a new project and need help getting started?