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Process & Capabilities

We Never Really Put Our Brushes Down.

Our development process spans design, collaboration, engineering, relaboration (we just made that up), and execution. Through it all we believe knowing the answer isn’t always as important as wanting to find the answer.

Secondly, guiding that development process is critical. After all, we’re an engineering firm, but with enough humility to know our success is attributable to guardrails, not slot tracks.

We didn’t invent the process. We’re paying homage to generations of world-changing hardware engineering and industrial design in the Pacific Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re a senior team of professionals with enough seasoning to recognize what works. And enough punk rock to know sometimes it needs to be broken before it becomes a masterpiece.


Mechanical Engineering

Our advanced mechanical engineering team excels in delivering the diverse range of beautiful visions our design partners generate. From the earliest prototypes and models all the way through to manufacturing builds, they provide exceptional technical perspective that balances user experience, reliability, and cost.

Electrical Engineering

With a wide scope of experiences in a variety of electrical systems, this team’s work is often at the heart of today's innovative product experiences. They handle everything, from designing system architecture and proof-of-concept prototypes to cleverly-optimized solutions that end up in the hands of very happy customers.

Firmware Development

The high-touch interactions of modern devices require superiorly-designed software systems that deliver elegant interactions while maintaining reliability and saving energy. Easy, when your devs are skilled in many processor architectures and peripherals, to ensure quality support no matter your product's computing needs.

Project Management

A great project is one that runs surprisingly smoothly, and gets results. A great partner is one that communicates clearly. Igor's project management tactics aim to do both, delivering the results you need and the confidence that comes with knowing you have a partner who's collaborating with you to achieve your goals.


New Product Introduction

Igor knows that every product launch, whether it's your first or your 500th, takes a village. That's why our program plans always include a draft manufacturing plan, so that you (and your partners) will never need to wonder what lies ahead: Our production architectures look ahead for mass production constraints to avoid nasty surprises.

Product Leadership

We can take your idea from point A to point B and guide its smooth landing. Even after marketing requirements, experience mapping, sustainability goals, and quality management, our product briefs clearly define success, so we can answer the important questions like “what's next?”

New Venture NuRturing

We can help get your startup funded and heading in the right direction with small and focused efforts to validate assumptions, prove the technology, develop initial architectures, and identify a winning development path towards mass production.

Sustainability Guidance

How our work affects our world, matters. So we take a holistic approach with each of our partners to solve for sustainability, because we know it’s not a one-size-fits-all effort. By creating a strategy that engages the entire team upfront, we set a course that’s aligned with everyone’s needs.


Igor Institute has offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver BC. We’re now more than 35 engineers strong, working together to help solve the industry’s most challenging technical design problems. One thing we haven’t built is a device to toot our own horn too much, but between the world-changing companies we partner with and the talent that’s joined us over the years, we’re pretty proud of our team and its production.

Emily Cox
Administrative Specialist
Jessica Urban
Project Manager
Michael Holder
Electrical Engineer
Bradey Honsinger
Firmware Engineer

We’re big on interaction. Let’s use some modern technology and talk about what you have brewing.