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The Lyft Amp

Iconic Interactive Wayfinding


A server sized computer in your pocket


A Kid-Friendly Speaker

We’re excited
to show you
some things
we’ve done.


Created a technology and system for identifying the provenance and producer of PAX Pods to improve health and safety and thwart counterfeiting. Know the source.


Developed new ways for individuals to experience music beyond traditional headphones or earbuds. Rock.


Developed the world's first 100% compostable dry erase marker, helping tackle climate change from the whiteboard. Sustainably.


Developed a ruggedized, water-and sewage-proof sensor system for monitoring stormwater for municipalities, helping decision makers track and prevent flooding, sewage overflows, and other stormwater issues. Raining data.


Enabling an IoT future for one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers, guiding a 100+ year old legacy company into the connected age. Internet of Things indeed.


Developed a spin on the smartwatch—an ultra-thin, connected accessory for traditional analog wristwatches. Timeless.

Bardy DX

Revolutionized cardiac monitoring through a continuous-wear, wireless ambulatory patch. A life-saver.


Revolutionized the health and beauty industry by developing a new in-home cosmetic mixing and blending system for skin and beauty creams. Beautiful.

Igor is a robust engineering firm in Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver, BC that can take your idea from napkin to people. Ready to get started?