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Ellodee and the Sound Companion

A nostalgic-inspired speaker for kids that will grow with them.
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The proliferation of podcasts, streaming music services and listening devices means there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got a speaker in almost every room of the house. It also means a lot of “EARMUFFS!” and “SKIP!” and “PAUSE!” and “NA NA NA NA!” when there are kids around and the language gets a little salty. Allow us to introduce the Sound Companion.

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Meet the Sound Companion, Austin-based Ellodee's portable Wi-Fi speaker made to live in a child’s earshot. Their own personal speaker with more than eight hours of battery life, a multiple-color capacitive touch selection wheel, and lcd display. It’s the kids’ portable compadre that can stream, provide for full musical and story exploration on a single screen and make sure they don’t hear any content that would fund the swear jar.

So what happened? That remains to be seen. The Sound Companion is almost ready to go and Ellodee secured a final round of funding to get it to market. We cannot wait to see how it comes together. Yee haw.

Igor helped us execute our imaginative proof-of-concept with speed, efficiency, and attention to detail.

- Julie From Ellodee

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