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We put the Cloud in your pocket.
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The cameras we carry around with us on our phones are exceptional these days. Image transferring and sharing is not. There’s cloud backup and G this and Face that, but that onesie-twosie system is going to have you staring at your screen a lot more than staring at the scene in front of you. Enter, us.

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In 2016, Upthere, a Silicon Valley startup, developed an alternative software to iCloud and Google Photos to store and manage mobile images. Their service enabled an ever- growing audience of individuals who capture and share their experiences regularly to upload, manage, catalogue, search, and share large, hi-res files from anywhere and with ease.

After initial industrial design concepting with Branch, we were tasked to build a product that could ingest, store, and upload high-quality files that outsized the onboard storage and capabilities of mobile devices. Piece of cake. Upthere needed to pack a server-sized computer into a durable product that could fit into a pocket. Piece of very complicated cake. Especially when tasked to rapidly architect the technical design and develop a proof-of-concept prototype for a soft launch at CES with off-the-shelf components.

So what happened? In short, it worked. Upthere was acquired by Western Digital and Igor continued to partner with the WD team through full lifecycle product development. Inventor, happy. VC company, happy. Easily sharing that shot of your buddy’s double-toenail 360 back scratcher with a spread eagle roundoff? Happiest.

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